Ethernet Serial Module

Ethernet Serial Module

The RFI-ESM enables Ethernet communication over a wide area data radio network.

The module transparently transfers all protocols at the Ethernet MAC layer including FTP and industry standard TCP/IP Modbus and DNP protocols.

Ethernet to Serial Module Features

  • IEEE 802.3 MAC layer operation for simple deployment
  • Transparently transfers all protocols above Ethernet
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • LED and software diagnostics

Ethernet Bridge Application

The module can be used in small and large scale telemetry systems offering the convenience of Ethernet and the wide area coverage of traditional telemetry systems.

The RFI-ESM transparently moves data from end-to-end at speeds of up to 115 kbps and when used with RF Innovations data radio modems can transport Ethernet data up to 50 km*.

*Maximum practical point-to-point distance with line of sight and suitable antennas.

Ethernet Serial Network

Serial Device Server Application

The RFI-ESM can also be used as a serial device server to provide an RS232 interface on a TCP/IP port. This effectively allows connection of RS232 devices onto an Ethernet network. When used with RF Innovations radios existing Ethernet infrastructure can be utilized as a backbone to provide connectivity to remote RS232 devices.

Ethernet Serial Module


Wireless Ready    Designed specifically for use with RF Innovations wireless wide-area networks
Plug and Play    No configuration required for common applications
Filtering    Configurable packet filtering on source or destination address or Ethernet packet type to reduce the bandwidth used for unnecessary traffic
Expandable I/O    Use two units back to back to expand to 16 inputs and 16 outputs.
MAC Address Forwarding    Effectively connect two LAN segments regardless of network layer protocol and IP addressing
Auto MDIX    The module will automatically detect if the Ethernet data signals are backwards and properly match the connected device without the need for a crossover cable
Industrial Grade    Built for industrial applications where environmental conditions are more severe than commercial grade equipment
Traffic Statistics    Ethernet traffic statistics for quantifing data passing through the unit

Dimensions: 94mm x 80mm x 26mm
Weight: 100g
Construction: Powder coated aluminium chassis and cover

Serial Data: RS-232 Asynchronous with handshaking
Interface speed: 300 to 38400 bps software selectable

Ethernet: 10BaseT or 100BaseT auto detect
Mode: Half duplex or Full duplex auto detect

Operating Voltage: 8V to 36V DC (negative ground)
Operating Current: 45mA @12 VDC nominal
Operating Temp: -10 to + 60 deg C
Operating Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing relative humidity

LAN: RJ45 socket
WAN: Custom DB15 connector
Power: Phoenix PH1176508 (mating connector supplied)
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