Low Powered SCADA Unit

Remote Control

STI Engineering has developed a low-powered wireless Remote Irrigation Controller (RIC) in collaboration with Greenspan-MCE. The device has been rolled out in a large-scale irrigation project in Queensland, totaling approximately 80 units for remote pump start and solenoid control.

The RFI-433 RIC product is built around the successful Piccolo platform, offering reliable communicaitons in the 433MHz license-free band.

MODBUS protocol capability makes for simple network planning whilst built-in store-and-forward repeating means the range and topology of a network is virtually limitless.

The product was developed as a single-board radio and CPLD device, incorporating the radio modem, the solenoid outputs, flow meter inputs and charging circuitry on a single PCB.

Low power consumption and sleep modes make the RFI-433 RIC ideal for battery and solar powered applications.

The RIC unit manages all of the remote site requirements while the Greenspan MCE RAINMAN™ control software allows the user easy monitoring and control of their water cycles from one convenient location.

The RAINMAN™ system is especially good for commercial, agricultural and industrial applications as there is no need to dig cable trenches. The RIC unit can be located where the solenoids are already located. The system simply requires a pole in the ground.

The first installation of the RFI-433 RIC was an 80-site system for a large plantation in Emerald, QLD. The project was successfully installed and commissioned by Greenspan-MCE.

The RFI-433 RIC product is distributed and sold exclusively by Greenspan-MCE, a PENTAIR company. Please direct any sales enquiries to Greenspan-MCE on adminwa.greenspan@pentair.com or phone +61 8 9477 1188.

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