Industries We Work With - Mining

MiningSTI Engineering has a proven track record in delivering wireless products and control systems to the mining sector. We realise technology made for some industrial environments cannot be reliably deployed in mining applications so our products and systems are designed to meet the harsh conditions in the mining environment.

STI Engineering appreciates that systems installed in the mining environment need to be easily deployed and supportable given the remote locations inherent with the industry.

We have applied our products and engineering expertise to a number of above-ground and below-ground mining applications to maximise mine efficiency and production, or to minimise machinery and systems downtime.

Above Ground Mining

above ground miningThe above ground mining environment is characterised by extremes of temperature and weather and harsh high-particle concentrations. Machinery typically suffers high vibration and access is typically limited due to the geographical and safety constraints. STI Engineering has been involved in delivering many wireless and control systems into this environment including;

  • Automatic Maintenance Data Download
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Remote Blasting Systems
  • SCADA Systems for water control
  • GPS location and correctional systems
  • Solar Systems

Visit the Project section or contact us for further information on how STI Engineering can assist with your above ground mining communications needs.

Below Ground Mining

below ground miningThe below ground mining environment is characterised by extreme temperatures, high corrosion, high noise and low visibility. Communication systems need to overcome the issues inherent in shared leaky feeder amplifier systems such as signal variability, intermodulation and high noise. Some of the systems STI Engineering has designed in-part or in-full for the underground mining environment include:

  • Fan and pump control systems;
  • Tagging systems for personnel and vehicle location;
  • Lift and trolley control systems;
  • Remote blasting systems;
  • UHF Bi-Directional Amplifier systems for Leaky Feeder
  • Wireless Analogue Video systems for safe machine control   

Visit the Project section or contact us for further information on how STI Engineering can assist with your below ground mining communications needs.