STI Engineering Newsletter - October 2016




Paging Project  


STI Engineering Completes Large Paging Project

STI Engineering has completed the supply of high powered VHF base stations for an Australian State-Wide Emergency Services Network. Deliveries concluded on-time in June 2016.

The RFI-148 250 paging transmitter is particularly suitable for large simulcast POCSAG, ERMES and FLEX systems and features diagnostics with integrated isolator for VSWR measurements, SNMP diagnostics, remote firmware upgrade capability and an off air decoding port.

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Ethernet Data Radio


Product Release: VHF/UHF Ethernet Crescendo

STI Engineering is excited to announce the release of the Ethernet enabled Crescendo Radio Modem.

In addition to the features offered by the Crescendo range of radio modem, the Ethernet version allows for transparent IP links using TCP/IP Gateway feature, diagnostics and configuration using Cruise Control or AT commands over LAN, fast polling facilitating low latency data streams and effective bandwidth utilisation.

VHF/UHF Ethernet Radio Specifications