System Design & Communication Consultancy

STI Engineering is a global leader in wireless communication engineering, system design and consulting for industrial communications projects.


Unrivalled experience

28+ Years of Experience 

Since 1994, STI Engineering has designed and manufactured the industry-leading RF Innovations range of licensed and license-free VHF and UHF data radios, paging transmitters and SCADA radios. 

We also provide customised wireless communications products and end-to-end project support.

Who We Are

STI Engineering Pty Ltd is a leading expert in communications and electronic engineering for industrial applications.

We specialise in designing, developing and manufacturing electronic devices and communications technology for the Mining, Rail, Logistics, Agriculture, Emergency Services, Military and Government sectors. 

Thanks to our experience and in-house wireless communication engineering experience, STI Engineering is well placed to offer an extensive range of services. 

  • Research
  • Consulting 
  • Detailed product and system design
  • Proof-of-concept development
  • Full commercial development 

STI Engineering is the full-service wireless electronics partner trusted by local and global organisations, from initial concepts through to low-volume manufacturing or production handover.

Services We Offer

STI Engineering has experience in all areas of electronic and wireless communication engineering, systems design, product development and consulting services.

  • PCB and component level electronic design
  • Radio Frequency Design
  • Communications Protocol and Transport Layer Specification & Design
  • Embedded Software Design
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Windows Software Development
  • RF Path and coverage analysis
  • End-to-end project management
  • Electronics Manufacturing and Testing
  • International Certifications
  • Control and Communication Systems Design
  • Training and handover support

Our Products

STI Engineering designs and manufactures the RF Innovations range of industrial data radios, paging transmitters, I/O modules and custom designed products. We adhere to strict design, production and testing processes for guaranteed quality assurance and long-term product reliability.

Featured products

Licensed Data Radios

STI Engineering licensed radios and OEM modules enable reliable data communication without interruption over long distances. Our VHF and UHF data radios support reliable telemetry and SCADA networks on mine sites, in remote areas, and on underground mining and engineering projects.

License-free data radios

STI Engineering license-free radios and OEM modules provide unmatched communication over ISM bands. Our RF Innovations range of reliable, high-performance UHF and VHF data radios can transmit up to 80km, powering data communication for mining, rail, transportation, resources and virtually any industrial application.

SCADA and Networking

The STI Engineering range of SCADA radios and networking modules simplifies wireless SCADA and input/output (I/O) applications for the Mining, Utilities, Transport and Agriculture industries. Our solutions are ideal in applications where wide-area I/O transfer is critical.

Antennas and Multi-coupling

STI Engineering can supply a range of antennas and multi-couplers to suit your needs. We also design and implement custom solutions.

Custom and Restricted Products

Custom wireless communication engineering is at the core of our success. STI Engineering designs, manufactures and implements an extensive range of custom wireless communications products - from radio modules to antennas, rugged amplifiers, filters and RF combiners.

Mining Products

STI Engineering is the trusted communications system partner for the Mining industry. Our technology is used worldwide to power SCADA systems, IoT networks, remote vehicle monitoring and more. Our capabilities in regional and remote mining projects make us the preferred partner for reliability in challenging environments.