Custom RF Amplifier and Filter Design

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  • Customised designs
  • High and low power
  • Industrial environmental conditions

To make the most of RF systems often it is important to amplify a signal, or filter out noise from other systems so the radio equipment can perform at the locations required with an acceptable signal to noise margin. STI Engineering has assisted many customers with customised amplifier and filter designs that go above and beyond the standard catalogue designs.

STI Engineering’ experience in RF design extends well beyond licensed and licence free data radios. We design customised AM and FM radios in uncommon frequency bands requiring specialised transmitter amplifier designs and receiver filter designs.

We also design and manufacture PCB filters and amplifiers for use with other radio equipment including underground leaky-feeders, shared transmitter sites and distributed antenna systems. STI Engineering designs can be delivered as a single OEM PCB, or a complete product including IP rated enclosures to suit industrial environmental conditions.

STI Engineering VHF and UHF designs include narrow band and wide bandwidth linear amplifiers with low distortion and phase noise. The designs can be analogue or microprocessor controlled and include features such as VSWR protection, Automatic Gain Control (AGC), phantom power feed and multifunction diagnostics indicators.

In some distributed antenna systems amplifier groups (combinations of separate amplifier and filters), can be replaced by a single bidirectional amplifier-filter product reducing the installation footprint and cost associated with multiple product manufacture.

STI Engineering’ experience in high power and low power amplifiers and filters enables us to design and manufacture solutions for the specified signal strength and separation characteristics required for highly available and reliable RF systems.

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