STI Commits to P2000 Support Until 2026





STI Engineering has committed to a complete support and maintenance program for the paging transmitters supplied for the P2000 nationwide system installed in the Netherlands. The contract extends STI’s support until 2026.



The P2000 paging system is an integral part of the C2000 communication network used by all Dutch emergency services, providing critical messaging to Military, Ambulance, Fire Brigade and Police personnel. 415 simulcast base stations provide nationwide coverage to more than 40,000 first responders.


The network upgrade was delivered by 2WAY B.V. for the Dutch Ministry of Justice. Going live on June 1st 2018, the upgrade replaced an ageing and obsolete infrastructure with state-of-the-art, future-proof equipment – including base station controllers, paging transmitters and the central messaging system.


STI Engineering was chosen as the supplier of the high-powered paging transmitters, due to the company’s expertise in delivering reliable products for large-scale, mission-critical networks. STI commenced deliveries in 2016 and finalised it’s hardware scope in February 2017 – on time and to specification.


As part of the project, STI also recently committed to extend the support and maintenance of the products to a total of 10 years. The agreement between STI and 2WAY B.V. now extends until the end of 2026. The contract includes full warranty for all hardware as well as software, firmware and system support – ensuring the system will continue to serve its critical purpose for years to come.


STI has set up a test and calibration setup at 2Way’s premises in Zeewolde, allowing for module swap-outs and testing of transmitters locally. This provides for expedited servicing of hardware and reduced turnaround of repairs – ultimately contributing to the uptime of the network.


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