STI Engineering Newsletter - December 2016


A Look into the New Crescendo: Up to 64x Faster


Ethernet Radio Modem

The new Ethernet Crescendo data radio modem performs smart polling features that increase communications speeds up to 64x faster than a poll/response cycle with a conventional 19.2 kbps data radio.

This improvement puts the Ethernet Crescendo beyond radios with more complex modulation schemes - whilst maintaining the reliability, selectivity and data integrity of a traditional 4-level FSK radio.

Additionally, the new TCP/IP Gateway function removes ARP resolutions by forwarding data at the IP level and performs shallow packet inspection to save TCP bandwidth.

Download PDF Ethernet Radio Data Sheet



Christmas Shutdown

STI Engineering Christmas 2016

Thank you for your support during 2016. We wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy festive season.

Our production department will be shut from Friday 23/12/16 to Monday 09/01/17. Please contact our sales team immediately if you require products or repairs before the shutdown period or early January.

For urgent enquiries during the holiday season please call us on +61(0) 405 480 078.

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