Ethernet Crescendos in Military Target Training


STI Engineering has been selected to supply several hundred Crescendo Ethernet radio modems for use in high precision target units.


Ethernet Radio in Military Training

In addition to providing instant feedback on shooting performance, the Ethernet Crescendo radios allow the target modules to rotate and move to simulate a real-lifecombat environment.

The project is supplied by Polytronic International Switzerland, a global leader in development and manufacture of high quality shooting training equipment for live fire and simulation for Military, Police and Special Forces. The system allows for battery operated tank targets to be controlled and monitored from a central control room.

Collaboration between the two companies on a protocol level means the system can take advantage of the Ethernet Crescendo’s TCP/IP function and its smart polling features that increase communications speeds.

These features allow the entire system to be controlled in real-time without compromising on the wide-area coverage of the radio network. Built-in low power modes and sleep cycles mean the targets can run efficiently on 12 and 24 VDC batteries.

Polytronic chose the Crescendo radios due to the product’s proven track record in mission-critical applications where reliability and data integrity in harsh environments are key. Further, the scalability of the platform and STI Engineering’s expertise in customizing for system-specific requirements mean the product will also be suitable for future Polytonic projects such as military infant and sniper range systems.

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