Projects - Custom Development

At the very core of STI Engineering’s success as a business is the experience, capabilities and willingness to undertake custom product design and manufacture of communications and RF equipment.

Our in-house design and test capabilities include RF simulation tools, spectrum analysers, vector network analysers and environmental testing (temperature and humidity) allowing verification of designs with certainty.  

STI Engineering’s team comprise of qualified engineers in the areas of:

  • RF Design
  • Protocol and transport layer specification and design
  • Embedded software design
  • Digital signal processing
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • RF manufacturing and testing

STI Engineering has custom designed and implemented a large range of wireless communications products, ranging from radio modules to antennas, rugged amplifiers, filters and RF combiners.

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Custom RF Amplifier and Filter Design

To make the most of RF systems often it is important to amplify a signal, or filter out noise from other systems so the radio equipment can perform at the locations required with an acceptable signal to noise margin. 

Custom Amplifier and Filter Design

Custom radio modems

Low Powered SCADA Unit

STI Engineering  has developed a low-powered Remote Irrigation Controller (RIC) in collaboration with Greenspan-MCE. The unit is built on the successful Piccolo platform, offering reliable communications in the 433 MHz license-free band.

The RFI-433 RIC was recently installed in an 80-site irrigation and pump start system in Emerald, QLD.

Remote Irrigation Controller
Environmental Monitoring Systems

Remote Control for Improved Mine Site Safety

RF Innovations' has successfully developed a complete remote video system for Western Australia based Remote Control Technologies (RCT).

Part of the RCT Control Master© teleremote system, the RFI-660 product range allows for broadcast quality video and sound to be wirelessly transmitted from cameras mounted to a vehicle, back to one or multiple TV monitors in a control room.

Remote Control for Improved Mine Site Safety

Remote control