RFI Radio Modems in Fire Safety Systems

  • Licensed or License-free operation
  • RS232, RS422, RS485, RJ45 Ethernet, Dry Contact Compatibility
  • CRC, ARQ and FEC for data reliability
  • VHF or UHF

They might not be able to extinguish a fire single-handedly, but STI Engineering radio modems have been successfully used to enhance a range of fire safety systems.



Simplified Illustration of RS-232 or RJ45 Network

Data Radios in Fire Safety 




Simplified Illustration of Dry Contact Wiring Network 

IO Netwrok in Fire Safety



Both license-free and licensed radios are being used for applications where wiring is either impractical or uneconomical, such as between buildings, across roads or in hard-to-reach locations. What’s more, a wireless link allows for infrastructure flexibility making the solution ideal for environments with shifting locations and changing requirements.

With people and asset safety at stake reliable communication is an absolute key requirement. The STI Engineering radios have built-in Cyclic Redundancy Checking, Forward Error Correction and Automatic Packet Retries for error free links and total data reliability.

The STI Engineering radios are compatible with most leading fire control systems and with the use of the STI Engineering SCADA unit or protocol converters can support a range of connectivity options including RS232, RS422, RS485, Ethernet and dry contact wiring.

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