DTMF Receiver - Dual Tone Multiple Frequency SCADA Radio Receiver

The RFI-451 DTMF is a UHF Dual Tone Multiple Frequency SCADA radio receiver is used to remotely control assets using a conventional analog radio signal. The SCADA receiver allows a user to switch remote relays by entering a code into the keypad of a DTMF capable portable radio handset.

The unit is compatible with all Modbus RTU devices and ready to use with RF Innovations data radio networks.


  • Up to 15 stored code sequences
  • Dip switch configuration for code selection
  • Strict sequence checking
  • Configurable squelch level
  • Configurable relay activation time
  • Watchdog relay output

SCADA Receiver Applications

The SCADA receiver can be activated by existing analog handheld or vehicle radios, either directly or across conventional analog radio repeater systems.

The receiver can be used as a simple SCADA system or as a wireless field operated input in a more complex SCADA set up. To operate the remote relays the operator uses a standard DTMF voice radio set up on the licensed frequency to key in the required three-digit code.

The SCADA receiver can be used at a remote point as an outstation input or remote system override. The SCADA receiver can also be used with a base or head-end PLC as an input into a larger SCADA system.

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