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Crescendo Radios in IoT

Release of I/O Enabled Ethernet Crescendo 


STI Engineering has released a new model in the popular Crescendo series of data radios - the I/O enabled Crescendo.  

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Crescendo Radios in IoT

COVID-19 Update 


STI Engineering will stay open for business whilst taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our stakeholders.  

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Crescendo Radios in IoT

P2000 Network Upgrade 


STI Commits to P2000 Support Until 2026.

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Crescendo Radios in IoT

ISO 9001:2015


STI Engineering has successfully obtained ISO-9001:2015 certification for engineering and manufacturing excellence.

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Crescendo Radios in IoT

Ethernet VHF Radios & Internet of Things


STI Engineering is collaborating with AMTech and Valmar Group in an underground mine communications IoT upgrade

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Military Communication

Ethernet Crescendos in Military Target Training


STI Engineering will supply several hundred Crescendo Ethernet radio modems for use in high precision target units.

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Ethernet Radio

New Crescendo Ethernet Data Radio: Up to 64x Faster


Find out the smart polling features of the new Crescendo Ethernet Radio.

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Emergency Paging

STI Engineering Completes Paging Project


STI Engineering has completed the manufacture and supply of a total of 175 x 250W VHF FLEX™ paging transmitters to upgrade a State Government Emergency simulcast paging network.

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UHF Ethernet Modem

Release of VHF/UHF Ethernet Crescendo Radio 


STI Engineering has released an Ethernet enabled version of the Crescendo radio modem, allowing for both serial and IP networks.

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Emergency Communications

STI Engineering Wins Australian Emergency Services Contract


STI Engineering has been selected to supply 175 paging transmitters for an Australian emergency services project

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Paging for Critical Messaging

STI Engineering Awarded European Contract


STI Engineering has been awarded a large supply contract for a European critical messaging system.

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Paging Transmitter Europe

RFI-148 250 Paging Transmitter CE Approved


STI Engineering's RFI-148 250 Paging Transmitter has been approved for use in Europe.

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Custom SCADA

STI Engineering Develops Low-Powered SCADA Unit


STI Engineering has in collaboration with Greenspan-MCE, developed a complete Remote Irrigation Controller operating in the 433 MHz license-free band.

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Paging Contract

STI Engineering Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Paging Contract



STI Engineering has won a contract to supply 480 high power VHF paging transmitters for the Victorian Emergency Alerting System, managed by ESTA and operated by Visionstream Pty Ltd.

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FCC Radios and Telemetry

FCC Approvals for a Range of Products


Continuing its focus on international expansion, STI Engineering  has obtained FCC approval for a range of products.

The Crescendo series of UHF and VHF radio modems, the 900MHz RFI-9256 and RFI-148 250 paging transmitter are now approved for sale into North and South American markets

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P2P Point to Multipoint

Point-to-Multipoint I/O Solution


The re-release of the RFI-MSIO Modbus capable low-cost I/O module allows for simple point-to-multipoint operation for small SCADA networks. 

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Ethernet Adaptor

Release of Remote Ethernet Bridging Module


RF Innovations has released an Ethernet to Serial Bridging Module (RFI-ESM), for use with our licensed and license-free data radio modems

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