Remote Irrigation Control Network Expands

Irrigation Network

  • DNP3 Support
  • Store and Forward Repeaters
  • Real-Time Control
  • Full Infrastructure Flexibility
  • Up to 50km Range

Aquamonix (formerly MCE) has had great success with their remote controlled irrigation networks Australia wide. With the majority of the networks based on STI Engineering UHF radio modems, the systems allow for convenient optimising of water usage in commercial, industrial and government applications.

Major Perth councils such as City of Stirling, Kings Park and Rockingham are only a few sites where the system has been successfully implemented. The system gives the user control of their irrigation systems at a central location, allowing ultimate flexibility and real-time control of their water cycles.

Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) compatibility, means that the STI Engineering data radios support the operation and implementation of large scale networks with either existing DNP3 infrastructures, or with DNP3 requirements. The world’s most popular protocol for use in water and electricity utilities, allows users of STI Engineering data radios to control an increasing number of outstations, through expanding areas of coverage - all from a central site.

As an example, City of Swan network has expanded to more than 150 remote sites, with a wide-area store-and forward repeater network to connect all sites to the central controller. Also, for added flexibility, the system incorporates mobile radio controllers so field staff can control the site equipment on location.

Aquamonix & STI Engineering RFI-Allegro Digital Modem Collaboration

In co-operation with Aquamonix, STI Engineering has recently designed the RFI-Allegro digital modem as a means to modernise existing networks based on the RFI-595F data radios. A key driver behind the Allegro development was to assist Aquamonix in overcoming geographical constraints in their 400+ remote site City of Stirling network.

The RFI-Allegro offers the useability and functionality of the STI Engineering flagship series - the RFI-Crescendo, while maintaining compatibility with old RFI-595F networks. This backward compatibility offers a trouble-free upgrade path for users with existing RFI-595F networks

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