SCADA Networking Equipment for Industrial Automation

I/O modules and wireless SCADA radios for analogue, digital and relay applications; Dual redundant base radio units for greater reliability and SNMP network control and; Ethernet to Serial Bridging Modules.

The RF Innovations range of SCADA radios and networking modules takes the hard work out of wireless SCADA and I/O applications. The products are designed to work with the RF Innovations range of license-free and licensed data radio modems.

Ethernet Serial Module

Ethernet Serial Module

Product Code: RFI-ESM

The RFI-ESM enables Ethernet communication over a wide area data radio network.

The module transparently transfers all protocols at the Ethernet MAC layer including FTP and industry standard TCP/IP Modbus and DNP protocols.

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Mini-Scada Module

Mini-Scada Module

Product Code: RFI-MSIO

I/O Unit for use with wireless telemetry radios.

Modbus enabled Analog, Digital and Relay Input / Output device.

Compatible with most Modbus PLC's and software.

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Dual Redundant Base Station

Dual Redundant Base Station

Product Code: RFI-DR3000HS


Dual Redundant base radio system suitable for half duplex UHF, VHF and 900 MHz radio networks, with SNMP radio network control.

DTMF Receiver

Product Code: RFI-451 DTMF

UHF Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) SCADA radio receiver used to remotely control assets using a conventional analogue radio signal.

The SCADA receiver allows a user to switch remote relays by entering a code into the keypad of a DTMF capable portable radio handset.

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Solar Wireless Radio

Solar Wireless I/O Solutions

Product Code: 

STI Engineering offers complete solar powered solutions for use with the RF Innovations range of wireless data radios and I/O products.

These are designed, configured and tested in-house for easy ‘plug-and-play’ operation.

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