On the Same Wavelength: Custom Electronic Manufacturing and RF Design Services in Perth

STI Engineering designs and manufactures the RF Innovations range of RF modems, paging transmitters, SCADA modules, and multi-coupling solutions. But we know from experience that tricky industrial communication problems require custom solutions.

Whether it’s a minor tweak to existing technology or an entirely new RF system design, our in-house electronics engineering and manufacturing teams are ready to take on the challenge.

Custom wireless communications solutions for complex industrial applications

Custom electronic manufacturing has been at the core of our business since 1994. In the decades following, we’ve remained at the forefront of wireless communication engineering in Australia.

STI Engineering specialises in wireless communication engineering for industrial applications. Our expertise ranges from RF radio modems to remote control systems, low-power SCADA solutions, leaky feeder BDAs, and video amplifiers to custom antennas.

You’ll find our custom RF wireless design solutions and electronic products in rugged and remote mine sites, inner-city commercial centres, healthcare facilities, and industrial complexes.

  • Mining
  • Offshore oil and gas
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Emergency services
  • Military
  • Rail and transportation

What we design

Our in-house team comprises experts in RF system design, software, electronic product manufacturing and testing, protocol and layer specification and design, and digital signal processing.

Every custom project demands a different combination of skills. You can rest assured STI Engineering has the expertise in-house.

We also provide specialist consultation services to establish project parameters for custom RF system design and wireless communication engineering.

The highlight reel: Custom electronic manufacturing solutions from STI Engineering

Our project portfolio includes a long list of custom wireless communication projects. Some of the more memorable examples took us from Perth to Queensland, and even to Europe.

Remote video system to keep an eye on mine site safety

Using the RFI-660 product range, we developed a remote video system for WA-based Remote Control Technologies (RCT). The solution enables vehicles to transmit broadcast-quality video and audio to operators in the control room.

Solar-powered SCADA remote irrigation controller

We collaborated with Greenspan-MCE to develop a low-powered Remote Irrigation Controller (RIC) for an 80-site irrigation and pump start system. The single-board MODBUS unit provides reliable wireless communication in the 433 MHz license-free band.

RF system design for Belgium’s national public safety system

STI Engineering supplied 189 high-powered VHF paging transmitters to upgrade Belgium’s ASTRID public safety system. The ambitious project required us to adapt our development and manufacturing processes to comply with European standards – and we still delivered ahead of schedule.

Our electronic manufacturing and RF engineering process

Step 1: Defining the challenge

Our RF engineers work through system requirements and specifications to understand how we can design solutions that exceed expectations and solve the customer’s challenges.

Step 2: Designing the solution

Once we establish a scope of work and system requirements, our electronic manufacturing specialists get to work building a custom solution from the ground up.

We design, manufacture and test every custom wireless communication product in-house. Our RF designers and electronic product manufacturers maintain complete control over production, quality assurance and product support.

Step 3: Testing and fine-tuning

Every custom project goes through the same process as our wireless communication products:

  • Stringent R&D
  • Multiple prototypes
  • Stress and temperature testing
  • Accelleraded life-cycle testing
  • Live system testing

Our in-house testing capabilities include RF system simulation tools, spectrum and vector network analysers, and environmental testing, ensuring every product meets our exacting standards. 

Step 4: Implementation

STI Engineering has designed and implemented an enormous range of custom wireless communication solutions since 1994. We haven’t seen it all yet – but we’ve seen more than most.

Our experience and willingness to exceed expectations mean we will always find a solution. Plus, we provide guarantees and support beyond the implementation process, giving our clients confidence in their mission-critical technology.

You can find out more about our electronic manufacturing expertise on our website or contact STI Engineering to discuss your specific requirements.