Industries We Work With - Radio Telemetry and SCADA Systems

automationSTI Engineering has vast experience in the implementation of communications systems to support industrial automation, radio telemetry and SCADA systems. Some of the applications STI Engineering can assist in include:

  • Wide-area remote irrigation control systems
  • Remote pump start/stop applications
  • Wide-area SCADA networks for water distribution and monitoring
  • Wireless SCADA systems for electricity distribution and recloser networks
  • Long or short distance wireless telemetry solutions
  • Environmental monitoring in remote areas
  • Wireless control of traffic management services such as variable speed signs and traffic signals
  • On-site radio surveys, installation and commissioning of communications equipment for SCADA and radio telemetry systems.
  • Custom design and manufacture of communications equipment, including radios, amplifiers, multicoupling equipment and distributed antenna systems

Visit the Project section or contact us for further information on how STI Engineering can assist with your industrial automation and SCADA communications needs.