Starring Role for STI Engineering Radios

Reliable Radios

  • License-free operation
  • High noise rejection
  • Low Latency
  • ARQ error recovery
  • 1mW to 1 Watt operation

STI Engineering radios have been used for more than 6 years in remote control stunt cars that star in Hollywood blockbusters. The radios have been used in big-ticket movies such as Teminator 3, Mission Impossible 3, Iron Man and Hancock.

The FCC approved version of the RFI-9256 is installed into an industrial strength remote control box and integrated into all the car’s important functions including acceleration, steering and brakes.

The remote control box allows the stunt driver to sit in a safe elevated position away from the stunt scene while maintaining full control of the vehicle. In many cases the vehicle ends up being crashed for the movie effects.

David Waine, inventor of the remote control box says “the radios are one of the most reliable parts of the system. We crash the cars all the time and only need to change the radios when we burn or drown it”.

The STI Engineering radios were chosen primarily for the achievable distance and high data rate. They were also chosen because they can be used in any location the film may be shot without the need for license permission.

The stunt team needs to be confident no matter the location they will always get the same performance, communication dropouts and delays cannot be tolerated. The frequency hopping nature of the radio makes them immune to other spectrum users in the area so the team can be confident of real-time control of the vehicle.

The radio also offers selectable power levels, easy to use configuration, local and remote diagnostics. This allows for flexibility and ease of installation, making the data radio suitable for almost any application.

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