Last Mile Wireless Telemetry Links

  • Transparent data transfer
  • No Network changes required
  • Protocol compatibility modes
  • 50m to 50km

STI Engineering radios have been used in many applications to extend communications links past the coverage limits of public networks, in rural and mine site areas or in basements and multilevel car parks. The data radios are used as a last mile link where other communications are not feasible, are unreliable or are being phased out.

The radios have been successfully used in Mining, Utility, and Defence and Public services networks. In most cases the operation of then network does not need to change to accommodate the new wireless infrastructure.

The RFI data radios can be added to virtually any asynchronous serial or FSK network. With installation only at two points the heartache of trenching or running cables and the problems associated with third-party service availability and rectification timeframes are removed.

Additionally, they have been used in Serial RS232, RS422 and RS485, as well as RJ45 Ethernet networks with protocols such as Hayes Dial-up, Modbus and DNP3 as well as third party logger and PLC protocols.

Our radios have also been successfully used for FSK systems with Bell 202, V.23 and POCSAG encoding.

Radio links can be point-to-point, point to multipoint (multi-drop), bradcast or data driven as required by the end system.

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