Automatic Mining Fleet Download

Automatic Fleet Monitoring
  • Wide-area coverage
  • Automated information download
  • Minimises operational downtime
  • Maximises parts lifetime

STI Engineering data radio modems have been successfully used for mobile fleet telemetry in mining applications in Australia and International markets for over 7 years. When used with Caterpillar MineStar™ reporting system RF Innovations’ Minelink radio network has helped by automatically downloading VIMS™ information vital to reliable vehicle operation. The right information can mean the difference between a simple service, or a broken machine and costly repair.

In delivering information to industry, automating data gathering and reporting is very important. Traditional reporting systems rely on workers manually taking measurements and compiling reports on a regular basis. This becomes problematic as staff change roles and as more immediate priorities mount, the reporting can get sidetracked and occur spasmodically.

Regular reporting gives the on-site staff the best opportunity to catch maintenance events that could cause cascading damage on industrial machinery. An automated wireless system provides the regular reporting regardless of human resource workload.

Also with regular reporting the real wear and tear on parts is visible to staff, so parts services can be scheduled when the machine needs it not on some arbitrary distance or time scale. This means they can increase the life of serviced components without increasing the risk of damage.

Fleet reporting can also show a problem event on one truck and, when compared to fleet information, can show the owner whether a particular problem is contained to the truck or is a product of the operating environment or driver as a fleet wide problem.

While regular automated fleet reporting will give the best information to staff it will still be necessary to perform a manual check or download. With wireless infrastructure the connection to on-board systems on industrial machines can be done from an office prior to dispatching a worker. This reduces the logistical time related to planning the tools and types of work required, so valuable time can be spent on other tasks.

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