Release: I/O Enabled Ethernet Crescendo 

Ethernet Radio



STI Engineering has released a new model in the popular Crescendo series of data radios - the I/O enabled Crescendo.


Both the VHF and UHF versions now come with an option of four integrated I/Os, configurable as 4 x digital, 2 x relay or 1 x relay + 2 x digital


The Crescendo series has a proven track record with thousands of installations in utilities, above- and below-ground mining, military and transportation industries where reliable long-distance data transfer is critical.


The I/O version is ideal for applications such as remote tank monitoring and pump switching; remote power distribution control; security & alarm system and many more.


The integrated I/O functionality offers three modes of operation:


  • Mirror Remote Mode


In Mirror Remote mode the slave radio(s) mirrors the state of the I/Os of the master radio.


The mirror mode is ideal for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks where the I/Os of the slaves do not have to be controlled individually for each slave in the system. 


  • Get/Set Mode


The Get/Set mode allows you to control all states of each individual I/O per slave radio through AT commands.


This mode offers ultimate flexibility, however requires a more complex initial setup compared to the mirror remote mode. 


  • Channel Control


In channel control mode, the I/Os can be used to switch the operating channel/frequency of the master radio.



The direction and mode of the I/Os can be controlled and configured via STI Engineering’s Cruise Control software.


The Crescendo radios are proudly designed, manufactured and supported by STI Engineering in Perth, Western Australia. 

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