Industries We Work With - Rail & Transportation

transportationSTI Engineering delivers many products and systems for use in the rail and transport markets. Our systems are used in critical operations such as train and vehicle control communications, broken rail detection and wayside asset protection.

Our systems concentrate on engineering paradigms and are feature-rich with a high level of usability, testability and user customization reducing development effort and time to market and increasing long-term reliability.
Some of the applications STI Engineering can assist with include:

  • Rail corridor communications for Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and Automatic Train Protection (ATP) systems
  • Wayside asset protection communication
  • On-board asset protection and control systems
  • Remote control of level crossings
  • SCADA and telemetry communications to wayside devices
  • Custom design and manufacture of specialised products and systems to the railway industry

Visit the Project section or contact us for further information on how STI Engineering can assist with your rail and transportation communications needs.