Projects - Mining

STI Engineering has designed and implemented a large range of wireless communications systems for above and below ground mining, ranging from open-pit telemetry systems to below-ground wireless SCADA systems over leaky feeder.

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Ethernet VHF Radios & Internet of Things

STI Engineering is collaborating with AMTech and Valmar Group in an underground mine communications IoT upgrade.

IoT upgrade in Mining

VHF data Radios for IoT

Remote Control of Vehicles for Improved Mine Site Safety

STI Engineering has successfully developed a complete remote video system for Western Australia based Remote Control Technologies (RCT).

Remote Control for Improved Mine Site Safety

Remote Truck Control

Wireless Mesh System for Mining

The proliferation of mining support systems, such as computer aided earthmoving, assisted drilling, production monitoring and machine health all pose new high-bandwidth requirements on communication infrastructure. Based on this, traditional telemetry systems are being progressively replaced with broadband networks, tailored to the specific mining conditions.

Wireless Mesh System for Mining

Remote Truck Monitoring

Telemetry Radios for Automatic Mining Fleet Download

STI Engineering’ data radio modems have been successfully used for mobile fleet telemetry in mining applications in Australia and International markets for over 7 years.
When used with Caterpillar MineStar™ reporting system STI Engineering’ Minelink radio network has helped by automatically downloading VIMS™ information vital to
reliable vehicle operation.

Automatic Mining Fleet Download

Automatic Mining Fleet Download

Data Modems for Underground Radio Shaft Management System

Tecom Australia has utilised STI Engineering radios for more than 8 years in their underground Shaft Management Systems (SMS). The SMS allows for reliable wireless control and voice communications from a trolley or skid to the winder and has more than 30 successful installations in Australia and worldwide.

Underground Radio Shaft Management System

Underground Radio Shaft

UHF Radios for Mining Personnel and Vehicle Tracking

STI Engineering UHF Crescendo radio modems have been selected by Minecom as an integral part of a $2.5 million underground communications contract with one of the largest copper mines in the world.

Mining Personnel and Vehicle Tracking

Wireless Personel Tracking

900MHz Radios for Mining Vehicle Diagnostics

STI Engineering has developed the RFI-Minelink system to download vehicle operational data from Caterpillar™ trucks in open-pit mines. Utilising a specialised version of the RFI-9256 radio, the system permits real-time monitoring of mining vehicles.

Mining Vehicle Diagnostics

Radio Truck Diagnostics

RFI-9256 OEM for Remote Blasting

The RFI-9256 OEM radio modem has been successfully used in Mine Site Technologies' remote blasting product BlastPED ST. The system has been developed for use in open-pit mines to provide a no-fixed-infrastructure alternative to safety-fuse and cable-based firing systems.

RFI-9256 OEM for Remote Blasting

Remote Blasting

GPS Assisted Radio Survey

STI Engineering has developed a GPS assisted survey utility which delivers quick radio coverage prediction maps with an end goal of identifying potential issues before they become a problem.

The survey delivers an easy to understand pictorial view of the area, with a multicolour overlay so that coverage can be easily understood at a glance. STI Engineering can also provide a report outlining the coverage tests and recommendations.

GPS Assisted Radio Survey

GPS Radio

Data Radios for Vehicle and Mobile Asset Monitoring

Black Box control and STI Engineering have developed a system allowing for vehicle tracking and telemetry solutions in remote areas. The solution is ideal for asset monitoring within pockets of interest, or in areas with limited telecommunications coverage.

Vehicle and Mobile Asset Monitoring

Remote Monitoring