License Free Radios in V8 Touring Cars

telemetry supercar

  • License-free operation
  • High receiver selectivity
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Security coding
  • Configurable hoping channels and addresses

To win a touring championship in competitive racing today race teams need to fine-tune a formula including an experienced driver, racing tactics and race car dynamics. To get the formula right the teams need information.

In Australia the V8 Supercars are fitted with sophisticated MoTeC data acquisition systems to monitor every aspect of the vehicle.

In development and tuning of a race vehicle the information is used to get the right racing formula for optimal performance. On race day the systems perform another important function - real time monitoring of the car’s performance.

Using the RFI-9256 radio modem the race teams are able to download vital operating parameters from the onboard systems to the pit garage for analysis using MoTeC software. The data radio link gives the pit crew a real time view of the car and can mean the difference between a ten second pitstop and a blown gearbox.

The license-free operation is important to the racing teams as they race at a different location every few weeks and applying for a frequency licence for each racetrack is difficult. Using the licence-free 900MHz band the teams can arrive at the track and install the temporary pit and car radios without hassle.

How STI Engineering Designed Radio for V8 Supercar Telemetry

In operation the high ambient temperatures and high vibration proves to be no problem for the RFI-9256. Fitted inside the race vehicle where the ambient temperatures can reach 50°C, race teams can depend on the STI Engineering data radios to transfer the fast real-time download of critical vehicle information.

Harsh RF conditions also do not pose a problem for the RFI-9256. At a typical Australia V8 touring car race meet there are up to 30 cars operating in a spectrum that is already crowded with UHF and VHF voice radios, as well as spectator mobile phones and wireless enabled devices. Even in such hostile RF environments the RFI-9256 performs reliably. The high rejection of unwanted signals, and user configurable hopping patterns, network addressing and security coding means the RFI-9256 will perform in the licence-free band where others would fail.

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